NeREIDS – stop procrastinating and Start Coding The Damn Game

I’ve decided to start blogging a progress report about me coding a PC game as a hobbyist.
This is a RPG, designed to be multiplayer right from the start, but this is not a MMO.
This game hopes to hint something familiar to roleplayers and PC gamers alike…
      And also kinda new to both

Welcome to the first post…
      On my first blog…
            For my first attempt at going public…
                  With my first long-itching project…

                        codename : NeREIDS

Hi there !

So… Seems like for me, this would be a night of firsts…

I’m your average male geek, and I must confess a rather long history of having programmed unfinished stuff, as well as an inclination for project-hopping.
Why would you follow a blog about a project from an unfocused procrastinator, do you ask ?
And why would the first move of this guy posting (as a title, mind you) “stop procrastinating and Start Coding The Damn Game” be to start a Damn Blog, do you ask second ?
Annnnnd you are clever to ask.

But I don’t plan on letting this project down.
Why ? Because this time is different. “Haha, right.”
No, let me explain. This project is different.

  • Different on its scale. Sure, it is a huge undertaking for a one-man-army, but not hopelessly data-amount-overwhelming kind of huge. I very well may be able to go somewhere just by myself.
  • Different on its age. The idea for the design of this very game has been itching me for eight years. I was almost reluctant to tell you this. Granted, this is a very long time doing too few, but I’ve admitted this procrastination part, already. The new piece of info for you here is : This itch is there for good and won’t fade away. This project won’t let me rest, anyway.
  • Different on its visibility. Now I’m still on my own, but also not quite on my own. Now YOU are reading this. Now you may even participate on some design or technical decisions. If you happen to leave comments, nice comments or interesting comments or funny comments or even criticisms, you’ll get the chance to be the most effective fuel for my motivation engine.
  • Different on its grounding. As time passed on refining concepts and trying stuff, I’ve gathered some nice tools and added them to my toolbelt. I’ll be able to use them to start coding right now.

In fact, I’ve already started coding

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