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Hi, my name is Guillaume Mirey, but on this blog you may as well call me Fa 😉

I’m your average coder-and-gamer-geek in his thirties. I do code for a living, and I also enjoy coding at home. When at home, this would be C++ programming of games, mostly. Or rather, C++ programming of half-made alphas of a quarter of a game engine. I confess I may have some procrastination problems, along with a tendency to hop from one project to the next. But I’m a lot more committed to NeREIDS than to any other project I’ve had in mind.

A brief history of aborted attempts at finishing stuff

When I was a teenager, I tried to design board games, drawing on small pieces of cardboard for counters and painting countless maps tiled on hexagon grids (I still find some of this stuff today when I dive into my pile of loose sheets for a final and desperate search of my last electrical bill).

Old286I also started to take interest in programming, back then. My first attempt at it, on my own, was on my father’s 80286, under a superb monochromatic amber screen, using the BASIC language. All that first program was doing was drawing a few tree-looking, wire-framed rectangles and circles on the screen, as well as a no less wire-framed house-wannabe. All of this was coded sequentially, line after line and screen coordinate after screen coordinate, without any conditional branching or loops. It sucked big time, and it was painfully slow. But hey, I was kinda proud.

Next time you know it and I was in high school, having learned Pascal along the way, as well as what a cosine was about. I can remember having coded half an interface for a great submarine game. At least it was great in my mind, as on the screen there was only a top-down view showing the sub’s orientation, and some circle displaying a nice green radius in slow rotation. Talk about top-technology visual FX for a sonar !
I was eager to know how to make real games, and mode 13h was the shit at that time. After some experimentation with palette effects and stuff I coded a small sprite editor for my needs. It supported 0-1 transparency, thus I was able to begin layering some hex-shaped tiles on a map for a (great, of course) grand-strategy game I wanted to try to code. Palette effects on the sea tiles could blind a grown man in no time… but at least with this project, I had some unit counters moving before I stopped for something else.

While I was in engineering school, I switched to C++. Being passionate about ant colonies and artificial life, I guess I’ve had at some point a floppy disk full of my usual dozen unfinished programs, all trying to simulate ants, while displaying ant-meant – but rather dot-looking – dots.

OldComicI also did try to get serious about being the drawer of a comic book. And I’ve indeed been quite far with it. In fact I’ve had all the pages drawn (hey, even more than once). But I stepped back when the time came to think about publishing anything.

At one point I had allegedly become an adult

Right after I got an engineer degree in Computer Science from UTC, I was hired at Cryo Interactive in Paris. I did work on a few games there, using their aging Cryogen engine at the time. I dreamt of 3D… and I had to work with Warps. But many people I met there were so great that it hardly matters.

At home, I began to learn 3D graphics by myself with Direct3D7. And then started a long series of attempts at coding some 3D engine for one game type or the other. Well, the attempt were, technically, to code games, but by writing “engine” here, i guess I’m closer to what really happened. This stuff goes on with D3D8, D3D9 and ultimately D3D10 :

2002_FirstVirtualWorld 2002
One of my first attempts at rendering a virtual 3D environment.

2003_FireEffectAndSunRotation 2003
Some time later with sunlight variation and a fire effect.

2003_CharacterEditor 2003
A character editor with variable face features.

2003_SpaceHUD 2003
A HUD for a spaceship.
To date, there is NO online video of me holding a light-saber.
At least none that I am aware of.

2003_WaterReflection 2003
Now water enters my 3D worlds.

2004_FogInDistance 2004
Terrain-to-sky integration of some kind.
Okay, who said “fog” ?

2005_HexMapEditor 2005
An editor for a strategic map in hex-grid.
Sir, I did contour a map of the entire world in this program.
Sir, by hand, sir.
Before losing the data file.

2005_HexmapYet3D 2005
A closer view of the same map. Of course it was 3D !

2008_MapOnGlobeZoomout 2008
The zoomed-out view of a grand strategic map… (hexes again)

And there’s some more which I won’t bother to show…

But, ha !
Did you notice ?
Oh, I know you’ve noticed.
Yes, there is a gap, here. 2005, then… 2008 ?

That gap is the idea for NeREIDS beginning to form.
That 2008 globe was a parenthesis, NeREIDS is with me since 2006.
It took me that long. But it won’t fade away, I guess I just NEED to code it.

Even if, since the beginning of this year, I’ve got a full-time job again, and I even managed to father a little boy.

Ah. One last thing.
Don’t let the blog title abuse you, I don’t speak any German. In fact, I don’t really speak English either… I’m mostly struggling to fool you into thinking that I do.
Oh, I can read English, yeah. If you happen to post me a comment I will be 1) delighted and 2) able to understand what you wrote, I swear ! But writing correct English while recalling the precise idiomatic English saying for what I have in mind is an entirely different matter.

Never hesitate to point out some weird linguistic construct I would have written. I’ll always be grateful and try to correct mistakes right away (and hopefully get better in the process).

I currently live in Toulouse, France. As a matter of fact, I also happen to be french… But don’t tell anyone that. Please, I mean it.


  1. Yeah ! Go Go Go \o/

  2. Hi Guillaume,

    “Le cerf blanc”, “KARLA”, your very nice drawings and comic book you are referring to in your blog…does it ring you a bell ?;-))…contact me, It could be fun…

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